Shop fitting for retail, gastronomy and attractive spaces.

Creating spaces people like to spend time in. Designing sales areas where the products speak for themselves. Floors and furniture that match the product and the room. Lighting that puts people and products in the right light. Technology that nobody sees. Shop fitting is our passion.

Shop fitting demands quality that is tangible. Whether elegant, robust or avant-garde. A great shop has character. It is individual, inviting and exudes trust. It has atmosphere and a pleasant ambience. The quality of the materials underlines the message. Processing and assembly are solid and durable and will withstand the flow of customers for a long time. Behind every thought and action is the shop in its essence: a point of sale, a salesroom.

You have the design, we have the expertise to realize it. Our work begins with the technical drawings. Following approval, we get to work. We plan, build and assemble, and coordinate all the trades and processes. Always in close consultation with the architect. We work cost effectively and on schedule. And we are happy to realize your project even when time is tight. Talk to us.

Exhibition Construction

Most people call it exhibition construction. We believe that exhibition construction is shop fitting for mobile and flexible conditions. Furniture and furnishings are designed in such a way that they are mobile and can be assembled flexibly. And they still have to be built and processed for stability so they can withstand multiple assemblies and disassemblies. Criteria for exhibition construction also include the weight of the materials that are processed, invisible technology, storability and connecting elements that still connect years later. Talk to us about it. We are also happy to be your mobile shop fitter.